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With a food processor to make food for your Baby Baby Baby

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Until now, you have many options, what to feed your baby …. basically only breast milk or formula. Perhaps this election on the basis of what has been your most comfortable and healthy (and agreed with) your child. Now that the child is approaching the mark of six months you should start to introduce solids. It may seem daunting, but it is strongly recommended to give your baby baby food with a processor, we ensure that food couldour baby, but I was 100% natural and healthy. This helps to facilitate their entry into the world of solids.

We decided to purchase a baby food processor and not regret our decision. I made squash baby food from the garden of my parents, frozen peas, apples store-bought, pretty much everything he could lay hands on the child, which could be in good health.

One of our, favorite food, we have introduced our children, because avocados are those foods you can basically live (if you are stuck on a desert island), so we thought, offer a lot of nutrients ideal for our child (and because our doctor recommended).

To prepare the soup in a food processor baby, there are a few steps, depending on the food. Avocados are the easiest foods until they are ready prepared. Just peel the avocado with a spoon, place the avocado flesh in the body of> Processor, add a little formula or breast milk and blend. 'S ready, spoon fed to your child. Pretty simple!

Fruits such as apples or mango, or vegetables such as potatoes should be peeled before being processor in a simple hand peeler will do the trick and get ready for the next step of steam or merger.

Harder fruits and vegetables, like squash and apples, you may need to cook for a while, and that's why we bought BabaCook baby can cook the fruit or vegetables and then use the same containers and equipment to melt. In reality, makes it easy and allows you to transform an entire food squash banana (very large) in dozens of tubes of frozen baby.

Another favorite was when our daughter was a bit 'more spicy. With an old family recipe for some great chili and then blend for our daughter has created a meal, enjoying both parents and children can, even if the child is the mixed version.After a bit 'you can really start to take the food we eat and mix to a consistency that children can tolerate with your thumb eat pieces does not exceed the size of the tip of his choking hazard to be avoided. This simplifies the production and dinner will also get your child used to eat food, do the adults!

If you have a surplus of baby food, we liked) in excess frozen in ice cube tray (which we kind of like BEAB and then set the 'slices of baby food in freezer bags for months to come first. This allowed us to hand over the baby food at all times which was very comfortable, and also gave us food for children to take on babysitting and childcare, which we felt was probably very safe and healthy for us. Once it is time to feed frozen baby food, make sure you put the food in a glass dish Sicle first in the microwave. glass dishes are better than in plastic traysthe microwave simply because a plastic temperature zone be sure to avoid such a way that no particles of plastic melt in your baby food glass and damage the child, however the heating on. Another recommendation is to buy mouth bend the spoon, that if the food heated to white hot, so you always know when the temperature is cool enough not to damage the sensitive child.

It 'really amazing how easily a baby food processorcan eat at home to make your child. I recommend it a try for your little bouncing bundles of solid-food-fast-food delight!

Good luck!

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