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Easy Holiday cream cheese

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I like cheese. It 'great comfort food of my life. During the Christmas holidays, I like the different cheese spreads, the circuit party provide for me. The wonderful thing about string cheese is so easy to do. Let me share with you two of my cream cheese favorite sharp cheddar / bacon and a mixture of cream cheese path.

Cheddar and Bacon

Start by assembling the ingredients. Need 8 ounces shredded sharp Cheddar cheese 4 ouncesCream cheese into 8 pieces and four slices of crispy fried bacon broken.

Crumble the bacon and place in a food processor, fitted with blade. For pulse sequences, reducing the bacon into small pieces. Now add the shredded Cheddar cheese in thirds, beating the bacon and cheese included.

After the bacon and cheddar cheese mixed cream admit two pieces at a time, stirring impulses. Continue beating until the cheese begins to be a ballMask. At this point, stop, remove the lid of the processor and scrape sides of processor bowl. Replace the lid and pulse to ensure that all ingredients are evenly combined.

Transfer the finished develops a cup storage container and refrigerate. If you want a ball, the line of the storage container with plastic wrap and package the cheese in the shape of the container with a wooden spoon or spatula. Just before serving, turn the ball, remove andplastic bag.

Trail Mix cream cheese

This cheese cake is great on bread or hot toast. You need 1 / 2 cup drained mandarin orange sections, sliced 8 ounces cream cheese 1 cup 80-10 and trail mix tropical uniform. The tropical trail mix I use is made of pineapple, grapes, dates, bananas, papaya and coconut flakes.

Put the mandarins in a blender with the blade. Pulse several timesto cut the orange segments. Next, add the Trail Mix, crushed pulse four or five times to mix in bits. Remove the lid of the processor, scrape the sides and add the cream cheese. Process for 15-20 seconds, so that the mix of trail are bits fully incorporated into the cream cheese. Transfer into the tank using techniques described above. If you think this ball to serve in the freezer for 30 minutes before serving.

With a few simple ingredients and a few minutesYou can use these two delicious cheese spread. Enjoy in good health.

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