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The difference between a food processor and blender

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A blender and food dishes are almost equal in their functions, but both differ from each other in many respects. There may be many factors could be fed food processor, to say to one, the difference between a food mixer. In this article we will discuss the main factors that explain clearly the function of each of the tugs. A food processor is suitable for tasks in which working conditionsinvolved with the liquids and fruit juices. This is the reason Liquidizer known as Blender.

Invented in 1930, have seen many changes since then Blender and always better in terms of efficiency and design. The overall design of the mixer is very narrow and a relatively fast speed. Mixer can be cleaned emulsify, mix and grind. It can serve a lot of goals and you can hack the ice, preparing to use ice cream, smoothies and mock-tails can also be mixed with this device.

The speed of the blade of a mixer is really high, and can be as fast as a motor car industry, which turn into a hard position in fruit juices quickly turn ago. Mixers are available in different sizes, and should be according to his needs and performance of selected devices. On the other hand, the processors of food found its way into the kitchens of the masses in the early 1970 years. As the name suggests that raw materials> Processor is used to process the food so as to form as he turned into a usable.

The equipment has been the rage since it was invented because it reduces the workload from hours to minutes. Chopping, grinding, dough preparation, milling, cutting and all those jobs, the hard work and time is required, it could be done in much less time without any worries. Cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables and other foods, food processors, for example, garlic take care of allTag quite efficient.

Another important difference is that the processor performs the types of knives to be different with what can be changed depending on the tasks. However, a mixer is always a single set of blades is at a very high speed. A food processor can operate at high speed of a processor. In the broadest sense, crude oil, raw foods, the processor can handle a bit 'with the mixer would be usedfor sensitive positions.

A food processor is versatile in sound equipment works only in one direction. The shape of a jug blender would, where, how long food processor would be similar to a column. However, both devices the best helper in the kitchen and can really simplify the task of giving your time and energy.

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