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What is Hummus?

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I had a dream last night where I was planning our dinner for the night. First of all, it was sad that I dream of planning dinner. Secondly, in my dream, my child was small again and to my surprise was asked for hummus. What is humus? It inspired me to do a little research on this subject and it all started with a simple definition.

After "googling" the word hummus (also spelled hummus, hummus or humus), I found that hummus is a dip for most of the sesame pasteand add the chickpeas. City of flavoring additives are lemon juice, paprika, garlic and olive oil. In most cases, an accepted food in the Middle East, "popularity is rapidly spreading hummus in the world.

As a frugal, I was surprised how cheap it can be this versatile dip! You can make your own hummus by soaking dried chickpeas overnight and then simmer for about an hour to do. After they are cooked, grind in a blender or a hand mixer with aa little olive oil and lemon juice. You can also use some of the chickpea broth until desired consistency "dip-like." Garlic, salt, parsley, onion, cumin or chili powder to taste. You can hummus as a dip for vegetables, tortilla chips or pita bread makes use of this clip incredibly versatile!

Hummus is also very rich in protein, fiber and iron, which makes it a real dream for vegetarians. Make a spicy hummus, served with chopped jalapenos and the addition of taco chipsMussels. Create a Hummus Italian with the addition of fresh basil and tomato. Stuff shells pita with hummus, a little 'salad and a tasty alternative to regular peanut butter and jelly. The possibilities are endless!

I have more dreams like these … We go to dinner with hummus.

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