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Baby Food Prep with the mini-food processor

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A mini food processor is great for small families. The powerful device can receive many of the small kitchen job in a bigger car, but takes up less space. Moreover, it is easier to clean. It is often the measuring instrument is perfect for a single person or couple.

If you have a baby milk, as this is ready for other foods on the road, why not your own baby food, in many cases. The child the same foods as the rest of the family, until the food> The food was passed through the processor. The taste of food better than commercially available.

With a couple of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, you can create your own fresh salsa. Serve with some baked tortilla chips for a snack is fresh and low in fat and calories. The mini-car, you need to cut the ingredients separately and then combined in a bowl.

If your recipe calls for bread crumbs and you are, try a piece of toastcut into small pieces added to the chopper. Process a few seconds and it will be very nice to have bread crumbs. There is no need to cook for a trip to the store for such items to stop.

Garlic and onion can add flavor to many recipes. They are often difficult to treat and make a horrible smell to leave on their hands. Try to hack the machine for easy cleaning work without odor. An added bonus, not a onion tears.

A mini food processor is usefulhow many more homes. The small car, you can do many things large food processor, you might think, only with a. The small car is very powerful and useful.

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