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Eating wild plants

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There are several reasons you might want food, such as the use of wild plants.

Wild plants have some unique flavors that you can enjoy your favorites. Watercress with something sweet such as pancake syrup in a peanut butter sandwich is one I particularly like. Dandelion pesto mixed with spaghetti sauce is another.

As the taste of many wild edible plants is so different from the usual cultivated vegetables, you probably will not accept at first, some of them asa delicious spicy food. Almost every different dish tastes sweet, salt, starch and fat are, I believe, the acquired taste. It takes time for the mind to an unusual taste as a favorite "good" visa. Introduction of a wild life in your diet by eating a small amount, when you are hungry. Repeated enjoy this food may make it particularly new.

The amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in wild food,according to many sources, is on average more wild foods. domestic vegetables have been selectively look for classical production quantity, taste, shelf life and other qualities other than nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets have been chemically fertilized, exposed to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and a host of other chemicals, and they may have been genetically modified and / or irradiated. The safety of food is alarming for the production offor many people. wild foods for the most part to avoid these problems. If you gather wild foods avoid taking from roadsides, lawns, which are chemicals or other areas that can be treated have been treated.

There is the possibility that supermarket food can be contaminated with pathogens. Dozens of diseases can spread throughout an infected person handling food as it is collected on the stock exchange until the food according to you. The plants growin the wild are untouched by human hands.

Wild plants can be prepared in many ways. Green pesto can be made by a food processor or blender. Add just enough oil and / or water to the mixing process is a good start. The pesto can then be easily mixed with other ingredients such as peanut butter, tomato sauce, or syrup for flavoring. Some vegetables such as lambsquarters, chickweed and purslane can be cooked spinach anyway. green can be strong or bitter tasteChange the water or boiled twice to reduce bitterness. This is sometimes done with dandelion. Then, other ingredients are added for flavor and texture.

berries easily with nuts or seeds such as sunflower seeds and almond mix.

Some plants such as cattail tuber shoots and burdock root can be boiled to increase tenderness or to reduce strong flavors and then simply eaten as is.

Make sure thing is that you go to eat and be sure thatedible. Consult a good reference book. If possible have someone who is familiar with a particular plant site to you. Most of the photos are not used with sufficient quality to positively identify a wild plant.

Some edible plants have poisonous double. Some plants have edible parts and have poisonous parts. Some plant parts are edible only after preparation in a special way. E 'common that a small amount can eat a plant without problems, but if youeat too much your digestive system to protest vigorously.

It is 6 or 8 disaster scenarios that I can imagine that the seemingly likely to happen at some point. Most of them seem unlikely to happen in my life. But you never know. It is not advisable to be prepared so far, at least for some, in the case of normal diet is broken. Examples of disasters that seem likely to happen are an asteroid hit the earth, a nuclear war, a global epidemic and the failureone or two major crops such as corn and wheat from a widespread disease or climate change.

The collection of wild foods is interesting and enjoyable. Foraging for a favorite new addition to the menu, you can take through the woods, through open fields and meadows and other places of beauty. It 's a great way to get out into nature and enjoy the complexity and majesty. It adds to the perception that the world is a good place to be enjoyed. E 'emotionally appealingto find something that seems free and of exceptional value.

The use of natural foods are aware of the interrelatedness of living things to each other and the environment. Increased awareness helps us to appreciate more about the weather and climate, the abundance of nature, agriculture and food supply, and the importance of protecting these things.

If you are interested in some detailed recipes and a couple of other general preparation methods, seehttp://www.bobcatswilderkitchen.com

For more information about wild edible plants and recipes see Foraging the Edible Wild, http://community.webtv.net/Taimloyd/FORAGINGTHEEDIBLE

informaion For a list of links to see more
dmoz.org / Recreation / Outdoors / Wildlife / Plants / Edible Oil /

to see some books on edible wild plants theforagerpress.com / Library / plantguides.htm

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