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Caviar Pie Appetizer – Exotic & Easy!

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I grew up in a rural area of California where there is too little opportunity to expand my culinary interest. In high school, already dependent on food, I wrote in a cooking class at the community center. I do not know the name of the woman who taught the course, but forty years later I'm still with her recipes!

After all my travels and moves around the world, I just saved from my youth. But my good friend, Carolyn Kelso, with whom I sharedRecipes gave them away. That there is more to make today, both because everybody likes potlucks and parties, our recipe for caviar pie.

It 'simple, elegant, tasty and different. 'S incredibly easy to do, to take to a party, and serve. Every time I serve it, almost everyone asks me the recipe. I only wish I still had the name of the woman that I can give her credit.

Even people who say they hate love caviarthis Court. Try and see!

I use a food processor for all parties, so that a creamy, dreamy feeling for each layer.


Oil quiche or spring-form. I like to use a spring-form, so that the layers revealed in the very high and are serving.

1. Layer

6 lg eggs

mayo 3T

Mix one processor or by hand, spread the bottom of the pot

2. Layer

green onions, finely chopped, theyThe processor can be a meal in coarsely chopped

Spread over the layer of egg

3. Layer

2 / 3 c sour cream

8 oz soft cream cheese (or low-fat cream cheese)

Blend in a processor or a mixer. Spread the onion layer

allow for at least 4 hours in refrigerator, or overnight

Just before serving:

Glass top-two 8 ounces of caviar lumpfish Danish, drained (drain the liquid through a sieve)

Garnish with chopped parsley orChive

Serve with thin crackers or baguette

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