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Milk and cereal in a minute – 5 Easy Steps

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I know what you think: What is wrong with the milk and cereal in a minute? Can I do less of that with my cereal box and lower my cholesterol. At least that's what it says on the box. Well, my friend, therein lies the irony. If you really want to lower your cholesterol you should stop eating processed grains and pasteurized / homogenized milk (among others) and begin to eat it as nature intended. Although it is boxed inCereals, you'd better eat a box.

Let's review the basic process. Before we take a relatively good source of grain, like oats, we cook them to death, adding a number of sugar, salt, artificial flavorings and / or dyes and preservatives, and some other things that you can not pronounce. Then there will be an extruder of this compound in a compression design "fun", children are encouraged to eat, may (or potty training.) Then we will bake it on a conveyor belt, in turn, after what we spray oneight synthetic vitamins and minerals (as a substitute for 24 to 32, we have only twice unusable by heating) that no living thing on Earth can possibly absorb, and call it fixed.

It 's a bit wet now, sprayed on nutrients from the false, we need to send the same conveyor belt through an oven to a thousand degrees so crispy remains soaked in fresh milk (or Eau de Toilette), which makes things soft and natural . Although the spray-on vitamins are nutritionallyuseful, certainly not after their brief journey through hell wheat, but we can on the field for the nutrients, so all good friends list.

Okay, basically what we have now are a lot of fun ways we can use to impress the boys and girls train toilet that is starchy, sweet, crisp and full of chemicals. But, it tastes really good and can satisfy some people have emotional needs for the most part, though not surprised that leaves their bodies "is the food? Where"

Well, well. SoCereal in a Box is essentially the artery-clogging gunk cholesterol production, but at least, a carrier for the good nutritious milk. Wrong again. Let's see: First, make an animal very well to the production of milk, a milk cow and push it in a bin or barn with a milking cow numbers of others, where they can barely move. (This allows you to save space.) As we deprive grassy pasture land, their food is natural, we give them food of animal origin from transgenic maize andSoy – not their natural food (in really bad situations for the products of beef, which turned into cannibals and the causes of mad cow disease – certainly not their natural food). Why are so bad that they were fed and stunted , ill, so we can better tend to them a lot of antibiotics, the immune system to maintain artificially enhanced.

In the meantime, we are not aware of the fact that cows produce milk only pay of course, to feed their children – calvesare absent, however, soon appear in the food department as veal. Okay, never mind that part. We return to feed the developing transgenic unpredictable human genetic material, which has led to a lot of fun things such as cancer, infertility or abnormal hair growth in laboratory animals by the oral route. (Not that last a worry, though. This occurs only for hamsters in Russia.) We also want to inject cows with a further increase in the human transgeneHormone, so that the production of milk, even if they have calves to feed.

Well, we take care of that spoiled milk and cook the shit out of it (literally, as it is otherwise with mutant forms of E. coli 's teaming.) Then, because people do not like the cream on top of their milk, and because the FDA says yes, we will mix and break down fat molecules into smaller cells, the human gallbladder and liver, whose job is to break down and digest fats,can not even recognize. This can collect all those molecules of fat in the intestine and cause less disruption of the digestive system including but not limited to, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and cancer.

Oh, and I said that because of the high temperature pasteurization of all the nutrients in milk may have been now completely dead and useless? Okay, we prefer to return some nutrients. Oh, forget it. There are too many. Let's just in some vitamin D synthetic put and call ofenriched milk. What? You only buy organic milk?

HA! Fooled Again. Take the milk of grass fed cow beautiful and boil the hell out of him. This is because the FDA says we must, because even if the certified raw milk is much cleaner than regular pasteurized milk, which could one day make a sick person. It seems that the only way to keep people from disease, providing nutritious food, not at all. Oh, and we mix Greenies also because many of you organicnot like you shake the milk before drinking it. And also because the FDA says we have to, because that is how the milk should be similar.

Ok, so back to other things. Now I have ruined all the toxic milk on the market, without having the container, and then we put it in plastic jugs Leach BPA in breast milk. In this way children and adults can experience the benefits of using anti-nutritious food on a regular basis, and thus gain membership in the holy stateReligion: in modern medicine. If you are really lucky, they can also gain entry into the Holy of Holies, a hospital operating room.

If you are a bit 'less enthusiastic about the fact that milk and cereals according to the 30 you used to be so much, you might want to consider, just another 30 to 60 seconds to get something to eat in your real body. The best of oats, wheat that the company does not brag, but only in its organic whole, which, as we discovered, whatIn the window that you buy at the supermarket. The whole grain oats porridge is called. It is a supplier of bulk foodstuffs available to cooperatives and health food stores. Pound for pound, is much less expensive than the box targets pee processed for young children.

Okay, here are five easy steps:
You need a blender, food processor, or optimally, a VitaMix, a wire or equivalent, a pitcher and a small sauce pot. You must also1-2 cups porridge oats, about a tablespoon of raw unfiltered honey, Madagascar vanilla, butter and a piece of natural sea salt.

Step One: Add 2 cups of oatmeal in a food processor or VitaMix. 1 cup, if you have a regular blender.

Step Two: Add raw unfiltered honey to taste (I like about a tablespoon) and a shot or a "gurgling" Madagascar Vanilla, (depending on how you like vanilla.)

Step three: Fill with water to the highest score mixerand you want high (from low to high will) for 2 minutes in a blender or food processor, 1 minute in a VitaMix. (You must have one yet?)

Step Four: Pour the contents of the container of the device through the sieve into the jug. What's in the jar, milk oats. There will be days, keep refrigerated for up to three – longer if you're a drop of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Step Five: Put the contents of the sieve into the sauce panand set the burner to a minimum. Add a knob of butter and melted butter until very hot. Add back the oat milk, a creamy texture as smooth. Stir constantly, unless some really great waterless cookware heats evenly from all sides must take the pot and lid. Do not boil or heat over 106 degrees, and for the love of Mike, do not microwave it. You should put your finger in the grain, without burning your fingers. Remove from heat whenThe butter has melted and sea salt to taste. (Never heat rises!)

There. Now you have a nutritious breakfast really hot with all the health benefits of whole food commodities: live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and even some electrolytes and trace elements. The nutrients in the first filtered honey alone could get almost unlimited standing. It is not worth an extra minute or two of your time? And … This cereal tastes much better than a box.


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