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Top 10 Easy food places you can use your food processor

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1. Shredded lettuce.

You can use it to create lettuce. 'S so easy and actually fun to boring salads. I do not know why, but it does! Cabbage salad anyone?

2. Soups.

You can easily soups, the food is cooked the soup that level, say after the pumpkin. Then, when his contract, put it in the bowl and mix. Voila! This is of course a very simple example is used just to give you an idea of how easy it is.

3. HomemadeMayonnaise.

What can be done by hand, the processor can be made much easier with a meal. All you have to do what is in all and mix. Very simple.

4. Pizza dough

Mixing time is about 30 seconds when everything in the container! Real simple and easy, just like I like it.

5. Sauces and condiments

Make hummus, pesto, sauces require all the nuts and chop finely. Here is the food processor is able tobe the most useful. Making these recipes are a breeze.

6. Shredding cheese

Shredding cheese is so easy to get the cheese and chop in a press. Now you ready for your cheese lasagna, there's no need to buy the cheese at a premium.

7. Chop the vegetables

Garlic and parsley work well. Drop it and chop.

8. Meatballs

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix type.

9. Grinding Nuts

HealthySnack or a topping on ice. Just the nuts in the container and earth.

10. Bread crumbs

Food processors are pretty good chop, bread crumbs. Schnitzel taste really good with bread made this way.

These are only 10 of the many things that you can use the food processor. I chose these 10 because I thought they are the simplest and easiest to do. These happen to be where they are often so I know a loton them.

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