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Basic Crepe Batter – tips and tricks to make the crepe batter always perfect

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As a child I always wait for my mother to make crepes and eat them at home full of black cherry preserves! Back then when I learned how easy it really make a dough mixer cracks when mixing by hand or using a food processor o. Just follow some basic guidelines and you always have perfect crepe batter!

Make the crepe batter requires a different technique based on the tools you have at hand, based on it. If you have aBlender or food processor you can find all the ingredients and mix until a smooth consistency. If you mix by hand to start with a whip, causing the eggs is still a little 'flour and milk at a time. Sift the flour will also help avoid flour to regroup, but if you do not have access to a classifier, only the flour a tablespoon at a time and try to spread it across the dough surface, rather than in one place. This way is aa bit 'boring, but it ensures that your final dough is smooth and no lumps of flour.

Consistency wise, I prefer the dough a bit 'more often if a tool palette knife on a heavy baking pan or a cast iron crepe crepes electricity or running when I use a lightweight pan and tilt the pan to distribute the dough. The best consistency is obtained when the mixture from the pan to a poor 80-10 inches above the rest of the pasta dough and form a continuous flow that is notripples do not fall in when the rest of the dough. They also keep in mind that if you leave the dough in the refrigerator for a few hours have flour absorb the liquid, you end up with a thicker dough. To compensate, I usually achieve consistency before cooking the crepes, and more milk for desired consistency.

The basic ingredients and amounts for basic crepe batter are as follows:

1-1/2 cups flour
1-1/2 cups milk
2 largeEggs
2 tablespoons butter
Salt to taste

This creates a thicker mixture suitable for use with a spatula. Add about 1 / 2 cup of milk for a thinner batter, which is easy tilting pan to spread crepe.

This mixture will work for sweet and savory crepes, sweet crepes, but if you just add a little 'sugar and vanilla for flavor as possible!

Bon appetit!

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