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What is the best juicer to buy?

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People are always trying to figure out what is the best juicer. In my eyes there is no one perfect juicer out there. However, there is no such thing as the best juicer for you! The way I see it, the best juicer for you is the juicer that day will make you want all the juice. And, of course, which will vary from person to person. But do not worry, I have a couple of different things that you too, when trying to search should find the perfect juicer outlinedYou!

Centrifugal juicer

If you have just begun to exploit this and do not want a lot of time to pay, you might want to watch a centrifuge. They can easily be thrown in the dishwasher, high speed and the juice of its components. Quick juice to clean up quickly. These are great cars, but some have fallen. They work very well with fruit and vegetables, but not very well with leafy vegetables and wheat grass. In addition, thehigh-speed use can help promote the loss of valuable enzymes and nutrients. However, this juicer can still produce healthier juice buy in a grocery store. Therefore, if you are not interested in green leafy vegetables, and you no longer healthy fruit juice, you get a centrifuge. You'll enjoy it!

Mastication Juicers

I am a bit 'more serious about the nutritional value of fruit juice, or if you want to be able to juice leafy vegetables, pleaseshould look at a juicer to chew on. They are not all the wheat grass so if you want the juice of wheat grass is often understood to be sure to get a wheat grass juicer. They are available in all branches of mastication juicer. Mastication Juicers require a little 'more time than centrifugal juicers but which produce healthier food processor and juice are used as one. They are available in several different versions:

Single Gear

Mastication juicer can be a walk, chewingFruit or two. single gear juicers tend to a lower speed, but the process of juice production even faster. This is because there is only a transition in the products that will be sent through the chamber so that the engine speed slowly. The Fall: a slightly lower extraction rate. However, the number of programs are not to change the quality of juice. Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy juicer, juicing and you want a relatively fast, this is a great way to spinYou!

Twin Gear

Twin Gear simply means there are two worms chew produce to extract juice. These juicers produce very high yield of juice that is sent through them. The disadvantage is that the higher return usually means a slightly slower process. However, if you are fond of pressing and you do not mind spending more time juicing, this is the perfect choice for you!


Cold-Press Juicer masticatinghave motors that run at a speed of between 80 and 200 rpm speed. This range of speed causes the enzymes to avoid unnecessary oxidation, which promoted if the juice is heated lost. In other words, this means that the engine is running slowly enough to ensure that the juice is not heated, because if the juice, the flight will get heated enzyme. An absolute must for your health! The only problem: the more pressing because of the low speed.

Price Range

Juicers are available in alldifferent shapes and sizes, so you'll probably find you reach your price range. As a general rule, however, the more expensive the juicer, the longer it takes and the more able to manage (and very often, the longer the warranty). If you actually start juicing, considered an investment. If you buy a cheap spin that has blocked all the time and is falling apart, you will feel as if you wasted your money and feel bitter towards the centrifuge.However, if you really want juice, you do research and find the perfect juicer juicing suit your needs, you will be so happy you spent the extra time and money that you never stop juicing!

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