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Kenwood Food Processors

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Kenwood makes your work in the kitchen faster, easier and more convenient. The endless work in the kitchen, preparations for this exotic dishes and cleaning the kitchen can easily be avoided with the Kenwood food processors. Food manufacturers have powerful engines, the more rapid assistance in the preparation of food. The food bowl from Kenwood processors have a great and help prevent falls. The machine can be made optional with 20Plants and has four sockets. The machine also increases the body good finish for durability.

One of the devices Kenwood FP 108 is a compact food processor. This Kenwood model which is nice to save time and energy and is ideal for small families and is composed of basic functions with simple and easy. This machine has a 300-watt motor and a bowl of 0.8 liters. The food processor has astainless steel knife that is efficient mix platter, cakes and delicious sauces. The food processor has a single speed and pulse the machine. You can now make salads with crushing and cutting slices and stir fry vegetables and other items. You can have freshly squeezed juices touch of a button. Appliances Kenwood feet for stability with a slight wind cord storage and lock security system, rubber, keep your fingersSafe.

The other model Kenwood Multipro FP250 is the processor, which drive system is a 750-watt Kenwood Appliances has patented Dual has a 1.2-liter bowl dishwasher safe and a 1.3-liter sized vessel. With its unique design, it saves a lot of them on the work surface. This machine is equipped with easy-clean removable stainless steel blades. There are two speeds in the car, with a pulse function together with a safety switch and a whip made of metal. Eveninstrument consists of pasta with rubber feet ensure stability, and an integral cable storage. The car is beautiful metallic finish and designed.

Here you will find many interesting properties in the FP 950 Food Processor, the machine is an elegant and refined. With all the usual facilities of this machine is an important feature of this model of the scale. Yes, the machine has a scale to weigh food. The price of Kenwood Appliances list can be online or in anyelectrical shops.

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