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Make a vinaigrette salad Is Easy

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possible for someone who regularly eats salads, we realize that without some kind of medication you can taste a bit 'boring. But instead of using ready-made from your local grocery or delicatessen you could actually go one on your salad dressing. In this article we show you some easy ways for you, such an association with a very simple recipe that can be examined to try.

A very basic vinaigrette is very simple to do and give the salad a little 'more grit. All you need is a food processor or blender, whisk (electric or hand) or a glass, the dressing is to mix the ingredients with your own. In most cases there is a very simple vinaigrette for salad oil 2 parts, 1 part vinegar and some herbs and spices added, do a little 'more flavor.

If you are someone who finds a time constraint then using a> Food processor or blender to make a quick salad dressing is probably better. First take the vinegar and put it in the car, neighbors, add some herbs and spices and mix. Once they were mixed together, you now have to slowly dribble in the oil while the machine is still, until all the oil spilled and the ingredients are well blended together.

could, however, if you are a bit 'of time on your hands thenWhisk the ingredients together instead. In a bowl, place the vinegar with spices and herbs and then slowly whisk them together. Once you feel that these were mixed together and slowly, you should start now, much of the oil again with the production of the vinaigrette in a blender or processor, you must pay the 'oil. While the oil spill, it is necessary to continue to whisk together the ingredients. It is probably better with an electric mixer ratherthan trying to do it with one hand.

But probably the easiest way to do very simple salad with vinaigrette to your outfit using a jar (a clean one, of course). The plate (which should have a screw on the lid) to put the vinegar with spices or herbs. Then screw the lid and shake the can vigorously until everything was mixed together. Next, you must now begin the oil. Do this a couple of tablespoons at a time and every time you do this,Cover and shake the can hard and do this until all the oil was added and the ingredients were combined.

For a simple vinaigrette to make a little 'salad next you need one of these ingredients are to be together.

1. 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil

2. 100ml balsamic vinegar

3. 3 cloves of garlic that has been pressed

4. 1 teaspoon oregano (fresh if you likedried)

5. 1 / 4 tspn Rosemary (fresh again better than the vinegar first. But if you can not get any crushed dried rosemary is just enough to be added).

Once you have all the ingredients together, then you only need one of the above methods, combine them all together to use. In many cases, you have a spicy salad dressing in a matter of minutes, and as long as it remains sealed in a glass andup to two weeks after the last Refrigerator.

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