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Why do I need a KitchenAid slicer and shredder?

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If you or your family loves pizza, tacos or salad, you definitely need to purchase this KitchenAid slicer / shredder. You run the cutting and grinding, which would have made a food processor. Potatoes, onions, nuts, chocolate and fruit can be crushed or sliced.

KitchenAid Slicer / Shredder system is easier for the arms, as if you had to manually slice or shred large quantities of vegetables for cooking or chew. The blades have lessSpace as a food.

Whether chopping nuts or cheese or chopped carrots, fast work is completed in record time with a KitchenAid slicer / shredder attachment .. vegetarian pizza can be a variety of vegetables and shred the cheese is made in a hurry to be recharged. If you prefer a pizza with meat, the system is ideal for slicing peppers and sausage. If the salad is required, such as sliced cucumbers and carrots is a breeze.

Have you ever thought Prepare baked potatoes, potatoes or hash browns? The list is endless potato. Will apple pie for dinner? Peel the apples and then with the KitchenAid slicer / shredder attachment for a sweet picture perfect.

Steel cutter bowl is a bit 'difficult to separate from the central well, is distributed as a useful tool in the cup for easy cleaning in the dishwasher to help.

The KitchenAid stand mixer to food is a proven in> Processor system with the slicer / shredder. This plant is a great workhorse and not the general processor may also be easier to process food A.

Whether you love the vegetarian pizza or are more prone to a meaty pizza KitchenAid / slicer shredder plant will also go with the KitchenAid stand mixer, resulting in a food processor is completely different. Storage is easier to clean and is done in a matterminutes.

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