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Simple recipes ganache – chocolate spread (large lot in a food processor)

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Same quality, "small batch" ganache recipes – but faster and less effort on large quantities!

If you liked the simple recipe for Nutella and want more, here is how, without tiring yourself out stirring to do. This article is a lot bigger by using a food processor and the works of other recipes for ganache.

Dark Chocolate Spread

When I know my family well, I usually make a large amount of chocolate spread. E 'also applies to several days and usually for no more waiting. There are many recipes call ganache so I stick to this recipe is Dark Chocolate Spread.

I often use it in wedding cakes and other sweets and a pot of fantasy to be used as a treatment distance of homemade bread. I use the food processor to break the dark like chocolate and then spread. If you have one, how can you try this method.

Here I calculate the number of chocolate bars to work withBring a pot with the cream. As one of my simple recipe ganache, this requires an ounce of chocolate per one ml of cream. The cream is usually in a 568ml pot. The bars are 70g of about 8 bar (but weigh properly before) means.

1. Place some broken bars of dark chocolate around the processor bowl and place on the cover.
2. Cover the lid with your hand or a piece of plastic before turning the food processor.
3. Be preparednot your processor blade, the sound of crunching huge – it's just the dark chocolate for a dissolution agent in broken pieces well.
4. Do not remove your hand or the plastic cover on the lid opening to the large dark chocolate bread crumbs. This will prevent your kitchen generously covered with chocolate powder fly.
5. Add another bar at a time, more or less broken. Every process of crumbs.
6. Turn on the processor.
7. Heatthe cream to a boil.
8. Turn on the processor and run with a knife, pour the hot cream slowly and carefully through the opening of the lid.
9. Do not rush the process of dark chocolate may "GLOP" up through the opening.
10. Process briefly to mix smoothly.
11. Pour into jars or containers and let cool.
12. Cover with foil and spread on chocolate in the refrigerator overnight.

Other recipes ganache (for example, with white or milkChocolate follow) to make a similar line, but you probably need to adjust the proportions and aroma.

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