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Food Processor Pasta

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We have a tradition, the fall in the gap between summer and winter holidays filled. We have a pasta party, or sometimes even two in September and October. The weather is cooling down and we can open the house and invite friends to make pasta from scratch. It begins with a light brunch and plan our ingredients are dissolved in the pulp and groups for every taste. Each couple or individual will bring a salad or meat with the paste over.

If you never had at homePasta, you should try. The basic recipe is very simple, here's a short list of ingredients to produce a pound of home-made pasta:

× 2 & 1 / 4 cups unbleached flour
• 3 large eggs
• A pinch of salt
· Water or oil or milk (3-4EL)
• A chopped vegetables to taste (optional)

We prefer to use oil because it keeps the dough with extinction, and adds a good flavor, but some people like water. We also use spinach, broccoli, zucchini or other vegetables for taste, but it clearly is also good. This is where the party really started, as many people to create their own vegetables, what to bring, such as taste. And we had some real unusual ingredientsbecause everything is fine.

We use a food processor, but you could also mix by hand. Use the plastic dough blade, but if you have a metal cutting blade to work. Combine the dry ingredients into the bowl and pulse a few times, mix well. Beat three egg whites and yolks together. Turn off the blender and slowly pour the egg and continue processing until the dough into a ball and works from the edge of the tub.

ThisThe party only lasts about 5 minutes. Now the dough begins and continues until the dough is smooth and elastic. Make sure your work surface with flour and work quickly if you use water instead of oil, because they dry quickly. Depending on the ingredients and effort, this part about 10 to 15 minutes.

We roll the dough into a ball and cover with plastic film to "rest" for about an hour at room temperature. At our parties we spend this time that ourSauces for each variety of different types of pasta. Pesto is always a standard, but a lot of fresh vegetable flavors are very popular, some cooked and some do not.

We use hand crank pasta machine (which costs about $ 10 – $ 13), because they are quick and easy. Always make a paste of each new test run through pasta machine for cleaning, no residue in the production (never had any oil, grease, metal shavings or purchased). Or make or buy more drying racks, pasta, as well as pastaneed to hang on for 2-3 hours before cooking (some people dry and not very long, but we found that actually improve the taste) and dry.

The first process with the pasta machine to parts of the thick batter in 1 / 16 inches, 4 inches wide and maybe even 12-inch lengths (the length, as thick and long is the line of pasta). Once the size and thickness, then these dishes from the cutter. You can use various shapes and sizes depending on theTheir disposable blades. The standard is the most popular style fettuccine with our parties, but you can also easily cut the dough into disks (like cookie cutters) for each shape you make.

It 'difficult, the antics that occur to describe the timer before going through this routine home-made pasta. Throw in a few glasses of wine and before you know it is wet noodles hanging everywhere. It 'a good time and the reward at the end is worth the work. We usually find some group gamesto play during the dry noodles. Sometimes there may be a football game or a couple of movies to see.

When the pasta is dry, start to cook and within 30-40 minutes, there are a variety of pasta sauces and flavors to try for dinner. Coming out of salads and meat dishes, and then all the mixes and matches their choice. Trust me when I say that nobody goes home hungry after one of these parties.

They would have these parties at any time of year, the spring would be good, becauselots of fresh vegetables would be available. We have just started in the autumn and is connected in some way. You can always find some good recipes that try to get your food processor or with the pasta machine. Or just a little experiment on your own. It's fun and very inexpensive to any party at any time of year.

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