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A food processor – Easy to use and clean

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A food processor is a kitchen appliance multifunctional duties is to prepare different food processor's functional food slices A. It can be easily changed by using different types of attachments such as knife grinding o. A processor is easy. Just use the proper attack and push the food through the feed tube of processor of the ball.

Basic food preparation activities areGrinding nuts, seeds, spices, meat and dried fruit, fruit and vegetable purees and destruction, or grating cheese or vegetables. A food processor or other updates are also used for mixing and kneading bread, cake. All these activities can leave food encrusted in the shredding and slicing discs and along the bowl. It 's the easiest and best to use to clean your food processor directly.

Immediately after application, rinse the foodBowl its cover, the piston slide or food and leaves, and slices. Not dry food in these parts before washing. In addition, the food can sometimes Lodge in food or feed tube plunger. Running water through the handle or remove it carefully with a brush stuck the life of food. Follow these tips for easy cleaning than others to keep your instrument and measurement expand its processing:

In general, all parts are dishwasher safe food processorCertainly, with the exception of the housing unit or base, and contains the protection for the engine. Immerse yourself in water or in the event of a fall or a dishwasher.
The device of its parts, except custody or base can be washed in a dishwasher rack up. Place processor part of the lower racks of the dishwasher as heat can crack over time, damage or weakening of the plastic parts.
Put the food bowl in the dishwasher on the head to remove allfood.
Remember, the blades and discs are very sharp. Handle with care these sharp objects.
parts of the processor can be washed from it. But be careful when dealing with a knife and slices. soap and water can conceal sharp objects

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