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Enjoy cooking using a food processor

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In fact, most of us have interest in cooking. But apart from the kitchen, do some activities such as cutting, cut vegetables, prepare the pasta, etc. These activities are more tedious and time consuming. We have no interest in such activities, but without these activities, you can not cook food. These activities will reduce our interest in cooking. But now a days we can reduce the time and enjoy cooking with the help of food processor. With the help of > Food Processor, we are capable of these activities with minimal effort and also likes to cook.

In kitchen making any maximum time spent in various activities such as cutting, cutting, chopping, dough. These activities require maximum time and more effort. But with the help of food processor, we can reduce time and effort. This keeps our interest in the activities of the kitchen. In the market there are many models and drawings of food> Processor. Using these models, you can perform various tasks. There are some advanced models of the food processor. With this model we can prepare vegetable juices, vegetables, various grind. In addition to cut, chop, cut the vegetables in it, there are other activities, the maximum time and effort. These activities are designed to make the exchange of sweets, pasta strike, eggs, etc., the latest models of food processors are running inthesis work are some additional equipment. These special systems to help make the exchange of cakes, from pasta, eggs, etc.

In the market, food processors are available in different sizes. Basic model have high-performance engine, two glasses, two covers and feeding tube. gastric tube is required for various equipment. engine is generally set at the main base. The various links and bowls are made on this basis. The highest quality of food processor, specialPlastic is used. This plastic is plastic food security. If we perform several activities in this plastic, food quality is not reduced. This food has always been on our health. Plastics processing implications at this stay food safe and nutritious.

Food is also an art. When style is organized decorative serving food, then enjoy eating it. To decorate the salad bowl and juice, food plays importantRole. With special mounting food processor can be cut, slice and chop the vegetables and fruits in attractive patterns. This attractive pattern of fruit and vegetables will help you, decorative and tasty salad. is used to cut vegetables and special cutting knife. This particular is Sabatier knife blade.

There are some other tasks in the kitchen, which require time and effort. These tasks are the preparation of pizza dough, beat the eggs for omeletsSun makes potato chips and orange juice. These tasks are easy, some additional investments the latest model of processor. With the investment we can make the dough and suggests the eggs very light. The production of orange juice, there are bound in a special way, the juice of seeds are separated. With the help of French fries disk, we can cut the potatoes in the same size that looks good.

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How do you find the best machine for your kitchen cooking

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There is no universal best food for each processor. Too often these days we have consumers looking for the biggest and most expensive product on the market, simply because we think it's the best.

But in reality, the best of everything is very different from person to person. You are likely to buy a food processor for a reason other than someone else. And that's why you need food, you will find the best > Processor for you and not what the best food processor on the market.

Size matters

In the search for a food processor sale, the most important step you need to find out how big a processor you. They vary in size from about 30-20 glasses and everywhere in between (which is the food, as measured by dry weight).

The average household size is about 7 processor bowl and make a family of 4 will probably want a cup of 9-11> Processor. If you entertain more than 4 people then you might want to look at A-14 Cup Processor.

3 deal with Breakers

There are three must-have if you are looking for food processing.

First, all removable parts are dishwasher safe. It saves a lot of time because they do not have to hand wash the processor.

, Second, make sure the processor has a pulse function. This will give you much more control over the size ofFood you chop.

And third, the processor must have a safety feature that only after the lid is securely fastened at the time. Most popular brands, but you should still keep an eye out to make sure you do not buy less.

Take Your Time

For the best food processor you have to take your time to complete. All food processors are many and various accessories and features would beNot to mention all of them for long.

Take your time and look at all the options are, and make an informed decision. After all, the rush your decision is a great way to buy a food processor, the road is not satisfactory.

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Cooking Butternut Squash

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Materials in preparation needed Butternut Squash

The materials required are a great pumpkin, 19-by-12 rectangular baking dish, H2O, oven, cooking utensils standard pliers, food, a spoon. Butter, salt and pepper.

STEPS in the kitchen pumpkin

Set the oven to four hundred degrees. Carefully collected vertically into two pieces and remove the seeds from all sides. You must be sure to remove the soft materialwithin the pumpkin or vegetable fibers. Pour about ¾ inches H20 in your pan.

Put vegetables in bottom of jar. The ridges of the pumpkin should be there. It 's like putting your shoes in a box, where the rubber soles upward. Put the pan in the oven and bake for forty minutes.

Then carefully removed from the pot and turn the vegetables with the help of forceps. Use a spoon and start the pumpkinin food processor. It 's perfect, cooked, you can simply scoop out of his skin. If it is not fully cooked, you can use a glove or a pair of pliers for vegetables stable while its shell.

If possible, place squash peel mixers. Throw the crust pumpkin, but leave some pieces floating in your container. Point your container with water and pieces of pumpkin on the processor. In thisSo do not lose the nutrients in the water. Open the processor quickly. Then taste your mixture. And 'chalky or wet?

If too dry, pour something on him H20. Remember to pay too much H20 as they become a soup. It can be a bit 'of salt, pepper and butter, especially if the vegetables were in the fridge for a long time. Process squash mixture until smooth. Use a spatula to scoop into bowls. It is advisable to eat it when ithot.

You can cook the pumpkin with the help of the microwave, but it is not advisable. The problem with this method is that the cooking temperature is not constant, and tends to be cooked too long.

You always take the side cooked and cooked again the parts that are not yet ready. It takes about forty minutes to do all this because it takes a long time. By cooking the vegetables, you can do something else while waiting for cooking.

IfAre vegetarians, the butter from the prescription. With a blender instead of the processor, but you must do it in portions. Do not forget a lot of room H20. You can also use a mixer, but there is a possibility that you do not get a smooth surface.

Some pumpkin recipes are milk, instead of H20, to mix with pumpkin puree. But it can affect the taste. In the end, it's up to you to decide on what you choose to mix with the squash mix so well.

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Quick cooking secrets

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Know your way around the kitchen will help you in your meal on the table in minutes … Here are some tips to help you along …

To use the food processor more efficient, first chop all the dry ingredients, like bread crumbs in the processor, then the wet, like onions. In this way, it is necessary to stop half recipe in a bowl to wash the processor.
Ten minutes of laughter. Cook it like pasta. Put the rice in alarge pot of boiling water fast for ten minutes, drain and add sauce, oil or butter. No need to cover, but the rice, stir once to make sure that does not sit on the floor of the pot.
If you have your own salad dressing, mix the bottom of the bowl. Add salad and mix. No need for mixing bowls to use.
Use a pair of cutting boards. You can use the oven or are carried into the pot with the ingredients – and not stop and wash tables at work.
To speedFry instead of individual ingredients on a plate or cutting board in order of use so you know only what the next ingredient added.
For a quick high – or low response to heat burner electric, steam or fry, if you go, two fires – keep a level up, down – and move the pot back and forth.
To marinate the meat quickly in poke holes with a skewer or a knife. Use high temperatures to brown, stir fry or roast seal in juices.
To peel garlicquickly, press the garlic with the side of a knife and paper skin will go ahead and pull off easily.
For washing watercress or fresh herbs quickly, dip the leaves in a bowl of water for several minutes. Lift out of the jar. Sand and dirt left behind. For fast, easy to cut with scissors cut.

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