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Making baby food in a food processor

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One of the main activities of the life of your child is eating, and the reason for this is food with important vitamins and nutrients for children, help your child grow and that it. Often they are healthy foods in a variety of forms by the formula, the current food and prepared, served in the same way for everyone else. mashed food is often a popular solution for baby food and is often bought small bottles.Food processors and opportunities are used to prepare food for your baby in a row.

functions that most food producers are able to implement the function of pureeing food store A is the same consistency of the food we normally buy in bottles from the supermarket. Another important feature, the processors are able to do something to eat evaporated. The process of steam is important if you tryPreservation of valuable nutrients vegetables. If the vegetables steam block lost in nutrients that are normally in other cooking techniques.

Prepare the mashed vegetables is an easy task, the processor of a food product can be managed. The first step in this direction by chopping the vegetables cut into small pieces. The vegetables can be steamed into the food processor to soften and lock in essential nutrientsare required. Once installation is complete, you can steam the vegetables are crushed until they have a smooth consistency. The end result of this process is a nutritious meal, ideal for your child.

You can also prepare other foods for the child that can store the elements that help to replace a food that would normally purchase in the form of bottles. One of these terms is the result of a processor can be easily produced. The same techniques for PureeeVegetables can be pureed fruit. Since the fruit is softer than most vegetables, it is easier to puree in a blender and takes less time to prepare. This is a great way to make a healthy dish desert for your child.

With a child processor to prepare meals for your help, you can save money and still the food rich in nutrients that he or she must be healthy. When you save constantly tired from food dropped from supermarketprocessor and will try to demonstrate a natural way for your child, you want food, you might think, a.

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Making Ravioli Own

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One of the most popular Italian pasta in the ravioli. Ravioli essentially filled pasta that comes in many variations. E 'with cheese, vegetables are filled, and a variety of meat. Here's a simple pasta recipe, and the various ways you can make pasta at home. You can choose your order ravioli with what you like.


There are only four ingredients that you need to make pasta for the ravioli. This includes the 2.5 cups all-purposeOf flour, half cup of flour, four eggs, and only a teaspoon of salt. From there, you can prepare the dough and then cut and shape into dumplings.

Prepare the dough: Fontana method

It is easy to make ravioli dough by hand using the method of Fontana. You need a large flat surface and work. Start by combining the two flours with the salt and the creation of a hill. In the center you need to do a good punch or a small bowl (this is the"Fountain").

Eggs into the well and beat lightly with a fork to break the yolks. With one hand, put the flour inside the well mixed with the eggs in a clockwise direction. You should keep the outer wall of the flour in place with your other hand.

Continue with the flour and eggs until a soft ball of dough to hold its shape have. Push excess flour aside and continue to knead the ball until it is smooth. Add a little 'flouras necessary to prevent the dough too sticky to use care not to bring as much as ravioli, add to be difficult.

Once you have your dough the right consistency, place it on a floured work surface and give with a damp cloth. Let stand for 30 minutes and then cut it into four small balls for rolling bearings.

Prepare the dough: Food Processor Method

If you prefer, you can your ravioli dough in food processor. ProcessEggs for a few minutes. In a bowl, combine flour and salt, then slowly add the egg mixture. Then add the flour until a ball of dough no longer adheres to the side of the bowl have. You can add more flour until the right consistency, or is too dry, add a small amount of water is reached. Remove dough from bowl and knead before sitting as above.

Ravioli: Hand cutting method

When readyYour pasta is the time to cut it. Roll one of the small balls into a rectangle 12 by 10-inch. With a ruler and a kitchen knife, cut six rows of five should be square by 2 inches. You should then enter your spoon. Place a second sheet and cover. Press to seal between the rows of ravioli, and then cut with a pastry wheel. Repeat for the pasta and cook.

Ravioli: Form method

You can also ravioli with a form. Roll out the dough so that it fits your willThat form a half-inch overhang. Make an impression in the dough to fill your spoon into Cover with a second layer of dough, pressing firmly with a rolling pin. Turn the mold over and press the pieces, to repeat the remaining dough, and cooking.

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