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Food Processor Safety Tips

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A food processor is an electronic device that works with a quick, sharp blades and disks. Like other electrical equipment, food should always be handled with care. Follow these safety tips for you and your family from harm and abuse to protect.

The device is activated the blades and disks, and they move at high speeds. Make sure that your hands and kitchen utensils such as spatulas or wooden spoons are kept away from the blades and discsin the processing of foodstuffs. Put only the hands or kitchen utensils in the food after the machine turned off and unplugged.
As already mentioned, and very sharp blades and disks should be handled and stored carefully. When connecting the motor shaft or stem to the processing unit, always with the blades and disks on solid, level surface to minimize possible contact with them.
Make sure the bowl is locked in place before blade or wheel motorWave.
Never use food or other ingredients in the bowl to work until the blades and disks in place.
Use pusher or piston to move the wheels always food in the bowl and rotating blades o. Never put your fingers in the feed tube or bowl during operation.
Make sure the blade or the disc has stopped spinning before removing the lid from the container.
Make sure the processor off and disconnected fromOutlet first, the replacement of parts or clean food.
Its food processing is done, remove the bowl from the first processor to the base before removal of the blades or discs.

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