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Top 10 reasons to love your food processor

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You should have a food processor, if you have not already. In fact, go now! From any device in my kitchen, is my absolute favorite, and I use it. In fact, I never put in your pocket. I have a little shopping or faster processor for the vegetables and herbs and a large cup-14 processor sorts of concoctions to make a wonderful. Then again, if you have one of these miracles, you have to get one.

Here are my top ten favoritedo things with the help of a food processor.

1. peanut butter cookies, the easiest recipe in the world: 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 1 cup of peanut butter and a teaspoon of vanilla, if desired. Throw it in your processor, give it time for a few seconds until well mixed. Scoop up a spoonful of dough and wreckage on the side of the bowl, the spoon fall on a baking sheet and cut into pieces with a fork to make cross-hatch design. Bake at 350 degrees for 7-9Minutes and you have fabulous gluten-free peanut butter cookies.

2. butter dishes are definitely one of my favorites. In fact, I have the ideas of many restaurants, constantly looking for new flavors of bread. Armed with my food processor, what specialty the butter has never been so easy. My favorite is basil-garlic butter. With the establishment of a stick of butter with a clove of garlic, I add some chopped basil leaves and let stand in refrigerator for aWeek or so in an airtight container. Then there is the French bread and wine for dinner. Sometimes I also use the grilled cheese with mozzarella, tomato slices and bacon. So delicious!

3. Make steak sandwiches with a cool dog, but no steak left in the freezer until firm but not frozen. Processor and then add the sliced onions in a pot in which it was sautéing and peppers. Put it on a cornmeal bread, top with Jack cheese, and enjoy. SoWho has leftover steak? Plan for this and throw one or two steaks on the grill next time

4. One of my favorite applications for a food adds up when I had a difficult day. Some chopped onion, garlic, milk, flour, chicken broth, broccoli, cheese and pepper lightly together to make a great meal. After the onion and fry garlic, add all ingredients except milk and flour, cheese, cooking over medium heat for 10 minutes.Then combine with milk and flour and cook for 5 minutes, then allow to cool, while the cheese until it melts. Place in a food processor, and you have soft, broccoli soup, creamy cheese that day, can relieve stress-filled.

5. Want to make a great hollandaise sauce in a short time? ¾ cup melted butter and take it. Then take three egg yolks, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of water and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and stir up in yourFood processor, add the melted butter slows. Add to taste a bit 'more lemon juice, some cayenne pepper and some salt, mix well and store the mixture for 30 minutes.

6. Puree, unsalted and lightly seasoned foods for your baby and save the cost of cans or bottles of baby food. On the flip side of life, you can puree food for the elderly, questions have implants.

7. I do dips and spreads with my processor, but my favorite is a cucumber and pureeCream cheese dip. Sorry, secret family recipe.

8. I am a big fan of chocolate, and my food processor that makes me take melted chocolate chips, water, some tofu, salt, 3 egg yolks, half a cup of sugar and a quarter of a cup and a light chocolate masterpiece. My chocolate mousse is a favorite of all my friends, and can be filled with the grated chocolate, whipped topping, or both!

9. For chopping nuts, I use the shredding disk makes the playsmore uniform in size and the texture is too fine or risk turning the nut butter.

10. My 14 cup processor holds a 18.5 oz cake I made the cake, cook in less time than it takes me to carry my big mixer and find the right club.

Here it is, my list of favorites tenth Keep the processor on the Internet, and you will be amazed list of 10, how fast you are with your head.

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Cuisinart Food Processor – 10 reasons to love them

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What could be better ready your bank, active in food processing to be done with the Cuisinart? For most cooks, there are hundreds of different reasons for them to fall in love with this small but powerful food processor. This kitchen helpers have left their mark in homes around the country and the technology is made even better.

Here are 10 reasons why you just love today Cuisinart food processor.

1) ThisThe devices can save an incredible amount of time, when it comes to the production of ingredients for cooking. Chop, dice, slice, puree and baby are just some of what you can do to a food processor to be treated.

2) They are ergonomically designed machine, save your fingers, hands and wrists from stress and tension on nearly all these activities in terms of food preparation time. Let me make this very powerful work while caring for othersObligations.

) In a food processor chop onions without tears 3, you can. No need to cry for you on this hot bit of onion, as are the aromas and juices kept limited, while the transformation takes place.

4) If this little miracle against the above, it performs the duties assigned with brilliant efficiency and accuracy. You do not have to worry about the discs cucumbers or other vegetables into thin slices. All you have to do is let theMachine to handle the job for you.

5) You can make an amazing snack Food Processing Unit. Just throw a little 'slices of cooked chicken breast, onion, celery and apple in the room, and spread to create a quick and tasty chicken salad.

6) With a Cuisinart food processor reduces the time that matters, and has to spend in the kitchen cleaning dishes. All this in a product easy to disassemble, and all but the base housing is dishwasherSafe. No longer will an assortment of knives, graters, bowls, if one of these devices in your home.

7) With one of these machines can be a delicious soup. There are a lot of soup recipes that are easy, they shall be settled with cheese and broccoli, tomatoes, beans and tortillas blacks.

8) If you need bread crumbs in a hurry, the easiest and most efficient way to get them using one of these processors. The crumbs are made from toasted bread or croutons in aMatter of seconds.

9 saves) has never been easier than a kitchen appliance in your home. This is a great device, so you have to turn the leftovers into a gourmet meal, taste and appearance.

10) Cuisinart food processor is only slightly on any desk or shelf. This versatile product is also easy to store, which is a bonus for anyone with a small kitchenette.

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Five reasons why Love should be a Cuisinart food processor

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One of the best kitchen equipment comes from the Cuisinart brand. For most professionals and even ordinary people, using Cuisinart food processor to help prepare the food. Just what makes high performance processor is that it is very versatile. On the other hand, there are five good reasons to love this device.

It saves a lot of time

The device will save you a lot of time ifit comes to preparing your diet. You can cut, chop, puree and rust in a matter of seconds. This is extremely useful for people who are always busy and not much time to prepare their food.

The machines are ergonomically

The design of the machine is designed to provide time to less stress on the wrist and fingers for food preparation for a long period of time. Furthermore, no sharp edges that could hurt.

Cut, cut and cut inexactly

Since the Cuisinart food processor is designed to help prepare the food, the food is sliced, diced and cut with precision. This would mean that the ingredients are prepared professional.

You can make healthy snacks for the family

You do not need your local stores just to get you to buy a snack all the time. If you want to make a healthy pizza, you can create a tomato sauce withthe processor or make your own salsa or guacamole, if desired.

Purees are very easy to do

You can easily prepare the soup and soup bases with this device. This means that you also increase the options of food for the whole family.

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Reasons why you need Kitchenaid Food Processors receive in your kitchen

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For mothers who are employed, have some cooking utensils, the kitchen will help them with their food being prepared. Perhaps one of the most reliable devices you can buy is the Kitchen Aid food processor.

KitchenAid Food Processor is a famous brand of kitchen equipment area, the preparation can help mothers like ordinary five-star chefs in their diet. The fact that there are a number of processors available for your destinationMarket these days, just as advantageous compared to the Kitchenaid other brands?

The product is durable

What is good is that Kitchenaid Food Processors are very resistant. You can cut, cut and pureed food every child. You can also cut even the hardest are lining products are as nuts and others.

The product has a stable and permanent wave

Unlike other processors Chow, Kitchenaid Food Processors have a stablePlatform. This means that it is locked. The wave, where you can also shoot in your diet also locks in place so you do not need to remove the lock, your concerns and mashed shedding all your kitchen counter area.

Available in different sizes

The device comes in different sizes, so if you can find something that you are trying to prepare small batches of food, then buy a device with less capacity and so on. Although their equipmentare available in different sizes, are all easily move from one side of the room to the other can be very simple.

They are equipped with various accessories

Most of them are equipped with extra bowls and other accessories so that things can be done with food, not only limited, hoes, and the usual things you can do.

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