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Raw Food Secrets – How to make homemade apple juice to you or your child! – Free Raw Recipe

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There is really no secret recipe, how to make apple sauce, if it is for you, your child, family or someone else's house. The apple sauce is not healthy cooked or canned. E 'served raw. Apple sauce is naturally sweet, but the type of apples you.

The production of apples is so simple that one might think that everyone knows. But many people are surprised that they never thought of that apple sauce without boiling. Cooking apples damageEnzymes necessary for digestion and reduces the herbal substances. Of vitamins and minerals, the structure is altered or damaged. Sun applesauce is used raw or, in other words, to live or uncooked, is the best and healthiest.

First of all, he wants to choose a sweet apple such as a gala or Ginger Gold. Experiment with different types of apples that you want and you will find a wide range of sweetness and acidity to choose from.

But choosing organic apples or apples that are grown locallywithout pesticides. They do not make chemical-based apple juice. Unfortunately, canned apple sauce is probably made of apples chemically laced unless they are labeled organic origin. Ask your local businesses. Often you can buy huge boxes of apples for $ 10.

Apple juice for one person only need two apples, small or large sizes. You have to eat right away, so that only a small amount. It will turn dark with the oxidation, if you are not yet a certain amount of nutrients, but it is better to eatwhile it is fresh.

Do you need a food processor to make raw apple sauce. If you have an account you can find cheap at flea markets. Now you can buy one for less than $ 30 or so to get there. Or you can borrow from a friend or relative.

Insert two organic apples with washed rind in a blender. Process for about a minute or so. Check often. If you make apple sauce in a child you can puree. If you do it forManaging a child or another family member can be less. Now you can add a little 'of cinnamon if you like cinnamon apple sauce. Or, nutmeg or both. Maybe less than a quarter teaspoon measure to decide the correct amount for your taste. I will not add much.

Really that's all! Now you know how homemade applesauce that healthy in a few minutes to do so. It 'the child and your family healthy because of it. I eat it for breakfast every morning and that isideal for a healthy snack. Children love it for breakfast or after school. If you're in a hurry for breakfast, is a fast and good, two apples before or on the way to work or school to get.

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Quick cooking secrets

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Know your way around the kitchen will help you in your meal on the table in minutes … Here are some tips to help you along …

To use the food processor more efficient, first chop all the dry ingredients, like bread crumbs in the processor, then the wet, like onions. In this way, it is necessary to stop half recipe in a bowl to wash the processor.
Ten minutes of laughter. Cook it like pasta. Put the rice in alarge pot of boiling water fast for ten minutes, drain and add sauce, oil or butter. No need to cover, but the rice, stir once to make sure that does not sit on the floor of the pot.
If you have your own salad dressing, mix the bottom of the bowl. Add salad and mix. No need for mixing bowls to use.
Use a pair of cutting boards. You can use the oven or are carried into the pot with the ingredients – and not stop and wash tables at work.
To speedFry instead of individual ingredients on a plate or cutting board in order of use so you know only what the next ingredient added.
For a quick high – or low response to heat burner electric, steam or fry, if you go, two fires – keep a level up, down – and move the pot back and forth.
To marinate the meat quickly in poke holes with a skewer or a knife. Use high temperatures to brown, stir fry or roast seal in juices.
To peel garlicquickly, press the garlic with the side of a knife and paper skin will go ahead and pull off easily.
For washing watercress or fresh herbs quickly, dip the leaves in a bowl of water for several minutes. Lift out of the jar. Sand and dirt left behind. For fast, easy to cut with scissors cut.

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