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Food Processor Safety Tips

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A food processor is an electronic device that works with a quick, sharp blades and disks. Like other electrical equipment, food should always be handled with care. Follow these safety tips for you and your family from harm and abuse to protect.

The device is activated the blades and disks, and they move at high speeds. Make sure that your hands and kitchen utensils such as spatulas or wooden spoons are kept away from the blades and discsin the processing of foodstuffs. Put only the hands or kitchen utensils in the food after the machine turned off and unplugged.
As already mentioned, and very sharp blades and disks should be handled and stored carefully. When connecting the motor shaft or stem to the processing unit, always with the blades and disks on solid, level surface to minimize possible contact with them.
Make sure the bowl is locked in place before blade or wheel motorWave.
Never use food or other ingredients in the bowl to work until the blades and disks in place.
Use pusher or piston to move the wheels always food in the bowl and rotating blades o. Never put your fingers in the feed tube or bowl during operation.
Make sure the blade or the disc has stopped spinning before removing the lid from the container.
Make sure the processor off and disconnected fromOutlet first, the replacement of parts or clean food.
Its food processing is done, remove the bowl from the first processor to the base before removal of the blades or discs.

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Homemade Baby Food 101

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One of the easiest things to do for you is your food baby. It's inexpensive, healthy food and helps the transition to the big guy. With food preparation, storage and processing is the key. Buy fresh, natural ingredients, for your kindness in giving your child to maximize!

What you need:

Food processor, blender or food mill (or whatever you have great food grinder)
– A pair of medium and large vessels
– 4Ice holder robust
– Disposable Bag Ziplock Bag
– Over 2 hours of your time

Some tips:

Some vegetables such as green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, cauliflower and have a lot of water. Add water slowly to the mashed potatoes. You can always add more, but you can not get out!
Carrots, squash, zucchini and potatoes are the exact opposite. You may need extra water for mixing. Just use the filtered water.
Mix your pumpkins after the mixing and cooking. pumpkin pumpkins takemore than the cook yellow or zucchini.
The fruits are filled with water. Do not add water to the consistency or sound "blocked" is to be seen.
Do not forget to introduce, onions and garlic, if you get a good group of foods in rotation.
Try not to add ¼ – ½ teaspoon of salt or sugar when water or steam. Children are immature taste buds and the natural sugars and salts are more than enough for them. And there is no honey at all before 1 year!

Ok, you're ready to go. Let'sStart from the beginning! First food: carrots, green beans, pumpkin, potatoes (sweet or white), and fruit. Carrots, green beans and pumpkin (I use pumpkin or because they are sweeter and texture similar to a sweet potato): I personally start with the vegetables. Then I got the potatoes and fruit. Then I introduce the flavors such as onions, celery and garlic. Until then, it's time for proteins.

Choose 2 vegetables and 1 fruit. Perform a new fruit or vegetable or protein (protein after 9Months!) Any cooking. Make sure that the other 2 are already very large jelly. Peel and cut vegetables or fruit you are working. Pumpkin Pumpkins are a chore to peel. Using a potato peeler and buy small at first, until you get the hang of cutting, peeling and coring.

Chop the vegetables and boil them in water that barely covered, until easily pierced with a knife. You can use a steamer, but it will take much longer cooking time to achieveConsistency, smooth puree. Personally I am waiting to start steaming before introducing finger food.

After the race, tribe reserve a large bowl or pot water. Let cool for about 5 minutes to fill your blender (or grinder), about ½ full. Add 1 / 8 cup water and mashed vegetables. If the mixer has a mouth to the anus. Otherwise, the pulse of the food and just lift the lid between pulses in order to release the steam. Mix the food until it is smooth andTurn in circular motion in depth. Food mills are great because you get this extra smooth texture with little to no water.

The mixture into an ice cube tray. Refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After cooling, freezing cubes to drive (usually overnight). Pop it out, your brand of hermetically sealed and put the dice in their pockets. Ta-da, baby food!

Each cube is about 1 ounce Three dice are about 1 small jar. I spend about 4 hoursevery 3 weeks for the preparation of food. I usually have to split it in two days and try to do six things, (2 vegetables, 1 fruit per session). Once you have a few options, Shake It Up. You must not do beans every time. Just make sure that at least two vegetables, a carburetor (ie sweet potato) and a protein (for now). Use the food you make in 2 months.

Finally, no project. You have no idea what he likes and dislikes. Just because you do not touch yellowSquash with a stake of 10 feet, does not mean they are not vegan in the making. It goes through phases like we do. You can love for a while ', then to hate a bit'. Keep trying. It will soon be able to be in their food from the right side of the table (for the first 9 months or 1 year!). Happy cooking!


Cuisinart Food Processor – 10 reasons to love them

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What could be better ready your bank, active in food processing to be done with the Cuisinart? For most cooks, there are hundreds of different reasons for them to fall in love with this small but powerful food processor. This kitchen helpers have left their mark in homes around the country and the technology is made even better.

Here are 10 reasons why you just love today Cuisinart food processor.

1) ThisThe devices can save an incredible amount of time, when it comes to the production of ingredients for cooking. Chop, dice, slice, puree and baby are just some of what you can do to a food processor to be treated.

2) They are ergonomically designed machine, save your fingers, hands and wrists from stress and tension on nearly all these activities in terms of food preparation time. Let me make this very powerful work while caring for othersObligations.

) In a food processor chop onions without tears 3, you can. No need to cry for you on this hot bit of onion, as are the aromas and juices kept limited, while the transformation takes place.

4) If this little miracle against the above, it performs the duties assigned with brilliant efficiency and accuracy. You do not have to worry about the discs cucumbers or other vegetables into thin slices. All you have to do is let theMachine to handle the job for you.

5) You can make an amazing snack Food Processing Unit. Just throw a little 'slices of cooked chicken breast, onion, celery and apple in the room, and spread to create a quick and tasty chicken salad.

6) With a Cuisinart food processor reduces the time that matters, and has to spend in the kitchen cleaning dishes. All this in a product easy to disassemble, and all but the base housing is dishwasherSafe. No longer will an assortment of knives, graters, bowls, if one of these devices in your home.

7) With one of these machines can be a delicious soup. There are a lot of soup recipes that are easy, they shall be settled with cheese and broccoli, tomatoes, beans and tortillas blacks.

8) If you need bread crumbs in a hurry, the easiest and most efficient way to get them using one of these processors. The crumbs are made from toasted bread or croutons in aMatter of seconds.

9 saves) has never been easier than a kitchen appliance in your home. This is a great device, so you have to turn the leftovers into a gourmet meal, taste and appearance.

10) Cuisinart food processor is only slightly on any desk or shelf. This versatile product is also easy to store, which is a bonus for anyone with a small kitchenette.

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What is the best juicer to buy?

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People are always trying to figure out what is the best juicer. In my eyes there is no one perfect juicer out there. However, there is no such thing as the best juicer for you! The way I see it, the best juicer for you is the juicer that day will make you want all the juice. And, of course, which will vary from person to person. But do not worry, I have a couple of different things that you too, when trying to search should find the perfect juicer outlinedYou!

Centrifugal juicer

If you have just begun to exploit this and do not want a lot of time to pay, you might want to watch a centrifuge. They can easily be thrown in the dishwasher, high speed and the juice of its components. Quick juice to clean up quickly. These are great cars, but some have fallen. They work very well with fruit and vegetables, but not very well with leafy vegetables and wheat grass. In addition, thehigh-speed use can help promote the loss of valuable enzymes and nutrients. However, this juicer can still produce healthier juice buy in a grocery store. Therefore, if you are not interested in green leafy vegetables, and you no longer healthy fruit juice, you get a centrifuge. You'll enjoy it!

Mastication Juicers

I am a bit 'more serious about the nutritional value of fruit juice, or if you want to be able to juice leafy vegetables, pleaseshould look at a juicer to chew on. They are not all the wheat grass so if you want the juice of wheat grass is often understood to be sure to get a wheat grass juicer. They are available in all branches of mastication juicer. Mastication Juicers require a little 'more time than centrifugal juicers but which produce healthier food processor and juice are used as one. They are available in several different versions:

Single Gear

Mastication juicer can be a walk, chewingFruit or two. single gear juicers tend to a lower speed, but the process of juice production even faster. This is because there is only a transition in the products that will be sent through the chamber so that the engine speed slowly. The Fall: a slightly lower extraction rate. However, the number of programs are not to change the quality of juice. Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy juicer, juicing and you want a relatively fast, this is a great way to spinYou!

Twin Gear

Twin Gear simply means there are two worms chew produce to extract juice. These juicers produce very high yield of juice that is sent through them. The disadvantage is that the higher return usually means a slightly slower process. However, if you are fond of pressing and you do not mind spending more time juicing, this is the perfect choice for you!


Cold-Press Juicer masticatinghave motors that run at a speed of between 80 and 200 rpm speed. This range of speed causes the enzymes to avoid unnecessary oxidation, which promoted if the juice is heated lost. In other words, this means that the engine is running slowly enough to ensure that the juice is not heated, because if the juice, the flight will get heated enzyme. An absolute must for your health! The only problem: the more pressing because of the low speed.

Price Range

Juicers are available in alldifferent shapes and sizes, so you'll probably find you reach your price range. As a general rule, however, the more expensive the juicer, the longer it takes and the more able to manage (and very often, the longer the warranty). If you actually start juicing, considered an investment. If you buy a cheap spin that has blocked all the time and is falling apart, you will feel as if you wasted your money and feel bitter towards the centrifuge.However, if you really want juice, you do research and find the perfect juicer juicing suit your needs, you will be so happy you spent the extra time and money that you never stop juicing!

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